Monday, 11 January 2010

Easy way to view IP CCTV on your i-Phone

Easily view remote CCTV on your i-Phone with a new App released by BiKal IP CCTV. The App available on Apples App Store allows users to view live CCTV on their Apple device using just a simple User ID & Pin.

The new App named 'mCamView' works with the Candy Bar Cam range of Plug n Play network cameras and allows users to connect to their video on their i-Phone without any messy ip address or router & port settings to configure.

The Candy Bar Cam is available in Europe & the USA from selected stockists.

Network Cameras Used to Help Produce TV Show

The Candy Bar Cam, an auto networking ip camera from BiKal was used to help producers make a TV show in the UK. The producers of the show 'Fat Families' used the Candy Bar Cam's unique plug n play feature to easily manage and create show content from a remote location.

Fat Families will be aired on Sky1 and Sky1 HD on Wednesdays at 8pm.

Friday, 2 October 2009

New Video Smoke & Fire Detection System Can Save Lives Say UK Tech Firm

A new video smoke & fire detection system has been released by UK tech firm BiKal IP CCTV promising to help save lives and limit smoke & fire damage by acting as an early warning system for areas that traditional fire detection systems cannot reach.

The smoke & fire detection system is part of BiKal's video analytics system which analyses video for smoke or fire patterns then raising the alarm to relevant authorities. The system acts as an early warning system in wide areas such as forests, public areas to industrial applications and can be supplied as a standalone or bolt on application with options for wireless & solar power options for rapid deployment and complete turnkey solutions.

Read the full story here: New Video Smoke & Fire Detection System Can Save Lives Say UK Tech Firm

First CCTV Software To Integrate Nvidia Cuda GPU To Accelerate Performance

UK CCTV firm BiKal IP CCTV have released the first CCTV software to integrate with Nvidia Cuda technology. The surveillance software, EyeSoft features a video analytics system that is able to offload video processing from the computers CPU to the Nvidia graphics cards GPU resulting in faster alarm detection rates and reduced hardware costs.

Read the full story here: First CCTV Software To Integrate Nvidia Cuda GPU To Accelerate Performance

IP Camera Software EyeSoft v2.3 Released

BiKal IP CCTV have released v2.3 of EyeSoft, their flagship ip camera software. The new release sees the introduction of some innovative features not found on other cctv software as well as several performance & usability enhancements. EyeSoft v2.3 is also compatible with Windows 7 & Server 2008 allowing the software to be used in home to business environments. Release notes of EyeSoft v2.3 are detailed below or download the new ip camera software brochure.

EyeSoft Version 2.3.1 Compatibility & Release Notes (Sep 12th 2009)

- Support offloading of Video Analytics processing from CPU to GPU via Nvidia Cuda
- Digital Zoom on Live & Playback video
- Preview Sequence
- Preset Sequence
- Support Pelco-D Keyboard via RS232 / RS485
- Add Support for Pelco, Impath, IPS9603 IP Cameras
- Updated support for Arecont Vision H.264 camera
- Support Secondary Port in Video Server
- Added On-Screen Keyboard Feature
- Added Smoke & Fire Detection Module
- Video Analytics & Fire Dectection are now purchased separately in per-channel license
- Pos function removed to seperate package

v2.3 defines BiKal IP CCTV's commitment to delivering quality network cctv solutions as well as consideration for existing CCTV installations with complete hybrid compatibility with legacy analogue systems.

Monday, 31 August 2009

Parents Ditch the BabyCam

Parents all around the world are abandoning their babycams in favour of the Candy Bar Cam, a Wireless Internet Camera that allows parents to view & hear their children, pets and loved ones from anywhere in the world via an Internet enabled PC or 3G mobile phones.

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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Wireless IP Camera at

Popular Internet retailer ebuyer is now stocking the Candy Bar Cam offering consumers one of the easiest to install network cameras on the market featuring BiKal's acclaimed auto networking technology. The plug n play camera offers consumers value for money and easy setup avoiding the headache of networking and tricky setup.

Ebuyer offers consumers low prices and fast delivery providing the perfect distribution platform for the network camera. Purchase the Candy Bar Cam at a discounted rate at or click wireless ip cam to view the product directly.

Buy Candy Bar Cam Online: